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Lake Como – A Magic Place

Cari amici, dear Lake Como friends. I’m sure you feel the same way. The breathtaking scenery of Lake Como, the picturesque villages on its shores, the elegant villas, the Mediterranean climate and the wonderful gardens exert an almost magical appeal.

Lake Como - a magic place

A Yearning Place Full of Inspiration and Magic

Anybody who was here wants to come back and for those, who don’t have this opportunity the Lago will always be a place for yearning. This magic inspired at all times artists, poets and philosophers. After a visit on Lake Como Stendhal narrated the wild romantic scenery in his novel „La certosa di Parma“.

Franz Liszt spent sunshiny months in Bellagio, together with his truelove, the countess Marie d’Agoult. Inspired by this special place he began to compose again. The novelist Flaubert was overwhelmed and describes Lake Como as „a Shakespeare-scenery“.

Manzoni wrote his famous novel „I Promessi Sposi“. The plot is set preponderant on Lake Como.

Adenauer and Churchill were also Enchanted

Even Sir Winston Churchill, who stayed in Moltrasio in September 1945 to recover, was enchanted by the landscape.

He sat for hours on the lakeside, in front of his easel and painted. Two of his Lake Como paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Konrad Adenauer as well was affected by the magic of Lake Como. Ever and anon he came back and holidayed at Villa Collina in Cadenabbia. There he met more celebrities of his time, for example Kokoschka who portrayed him, and Golo Mann who discussed with him politics and literature.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation assistes to date with writer-workshops and writer-meetings the manifold culturally demand of this magical landscape.

Well, amici, let the magic also act on you. Who knows, what talents will appear?

Tanti saluti e a presto
Rosa Maria Lamberti