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Slow Food Tastes Good – also on Lake Como

Rosa Maria Lamberti on Lake ComoCari amici, dear Lake Como friends! Do you know that the Slow Food movement originated in Italy? The headquarter of the organization is located Bra, a village in northern Italy, about 265 km from Lake Como.

From Indignation to the Slow Food Idea

Slow Food ItaliaIn the mid-1980s a Burgershop was opend in an old historical Roman palazzo. The Italian sociologist and journalist Carlo Petrini was so much annoyed over this disrespectful culinary and stylistic derailment so that he got the idea to found the Slow Food Movement.

Many People Participate

Regional products at the weekly marketIn the meantime, more than 100,000 members in 160 countries are working on projects that convey the respectful use of high-quality food and the associated enjoyment.

A fresh apple or a pear from the region can only taste better than a fruit that has 20 hours flight time behind it.

The same applies for the flesh of a naturally, organically reared cattle as against a turbo-speed fatted animal.

Slow Food – a School of Good Taste

As part of their events in schools, universities or at markets, the Slow Food Movement tries to bring people closer to the idea of long term sustainability and enjoyable food.

Cari amici, believe me, on Lake Como you will find plenty of regional products for your very special good taste ;-).

In many places you’ll find a Latteria (milk shop), a Macelleria (butcher), a weekly market or a small Alimentari (grocery store), where you can buy various regional products.

Not only to do something good for yourself, it also supports the smaller businesses in the region.

In addition, several ristoranti around Lake Como have adapted the Slow Food idea.

From time to time we will also publish some slow food recipes on our website und „Rezepte“. It starts with a berry potpourri with profiterole and chocolate sauce.

Tanti saluti e a presto
Rosa Maria Lamberti