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Wine Culture on Lake Como

Rosa Maria Lamberti am Comer SeeCari amici, dear Lake Como friends, the Lario holds a precious treasure for his visitors.
Did you know that there are still vineyards in the northern part of Lake Como?

The Winery Sorsasso on Lake Como

There, on the sunny, steep slopes above Domaso, the Travi family produces high quality wines with intense aromas at their Azienda Agricola Sorsasso. Red, rosé and white „Domasino“ and „Cantine del Lago“ wines are produced, which have already received several awards.

In 1997, the Travi family began cultivating one hectare of land with terraces for a vineyard. This was carried out in laborious manual work, according to old traditions. Finally, a vineyard cableway was installed and experienced ecologists and agronomists were consulted.

To date the vineyard area has grown to 4 hectares. Nevertheless, the Sorsasso estate, which also includes an agriturismo, is a pure family business.

Winegrowing on Lake Como in the olden days

The Travis, whose ancestors had already devoted themselves to viticulture in the eighteenth century, succeeded in resurrecting a very old vine variety, named Verdesa,. This vine had become extinct on Lake Como, although it was already known and appreciated at the time of Pliny the Elder.

During the time of the Romans and also in the Middle Ages was viticulture an important source of income for the inhabitants of the Lake Como region.

Silkworms against vine

After 1800, wine was produced decreasingly. Instead of vine mulberry trees were planted on the slopes. The leaves of this trees were needed to feed the silkworms. The silk production was a completely new and very lucrative industry on Lake Como.

In the course of the progressive industrialization and urbanization, the still existing vineyards were finally dismantled. This was the end of the wine production.

Treats from Lake Como

More than remarkable is the fact that today we again are able to enjoy the rare and precious wines of Lake Como.

My advice:
How about a visit to the Winery Sorsasso above Domaso? In addition to delicious grape varieties, you can get some extra virgin olive oil, grappa and blueberry grappa-liqueur.

Well amici, I think everyone will find something to his taste. To be on the safe side I’ll try it all!

Tanti saluti e a presto
Rosa Maria Lamberti