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Sentiero del Viandante – Hiking route on Lake Como

Rosa Maria Lamberti am Comer SeeCari amici, dear Lake Como friends. Autumn, with its mild temperatures, is a good time to hike on Lake Como. One of the most beautiful hiking routes is the Sentiero del Viandante on the eastern shore of the Lario.

Formerly a trade route, now a hiking trail

This 45 km long route was already used in Roman times. The ancient trade route connects the villages on the eastern shore and leads past many interesting sights. It offers also breathtaking views on Lake Como and the opposite shore.

I’m sure, you can imagine how difficult it was in former times for merchants, traders and farmers to transport their goods on this way.

Nowadays it is much easier with our functional backpacks and hiking boots with shock-absorbing soles. Good hiking equipment with sturdy shoes is the prerequisite for this tour.

Always pay attention to the signs

Hinweisschild zum Sentiero del Viandante am Comer SeeThe Sentiero del Viandante is well marked with orange and white signs and starts in Abbadia Lariana at the church of S. Martino and leads to Piantedo at Colico. There it ends at the sanctuary of the Madonna of Val Pozzo.

Of course one can only hike this itinearie in several stages. I have divided it into 4 itineraries for you, which I would like to describe briefly.

From Abbadia Lariana to Lierna

Sentiero del Viandante from Abbadia Lariana to Lierna on Lake ComoThe tour lasts about 3.5 hours and starts, as already mentioned, at the church of S. Martino in Abbadia Lariana. The Sentiero del Viandante signs take you via Borbino, Robianico and Novegolo to the Romanesque church of San Giorgio in Mandello del Lario.

Continue to Torre del Barbarossa and from there via Sornico and Olgianco to Lierna.

From Lierna to Castello di Vezio

In Lierna you have two choices:

Either you take the hiking trail along the lake – the old Via Ducale – or you take the way through along the mountains.
Both paths are quite demanding and meet near Varenna.

If you choose the lake option, the route takes you first to the medieval district of Castello. After crossing the provincial road, you will reach Coria and descend through the Vachera Valley to Fiumelatte. Shortly afterwards you’ll be in Varenna.

Sentiero del Viandante from Lierna to Varenna on Lake ComoThe mountain option takes you in the direction of Genico through a forest uphill to Alpe Mezzedo and on to Piano di San Piedro. At high altitude we continue to Ortanella and then to Castello di Vezio. You descend along a steep mule track to Varenna.

Both tours take about 4.5 hours.


From Castello di Vezio to Dervio

Sentiero del Viandante from Varenna to Dervio on Lake ComoThis tour takes about 4 hours. From the village of Vezio the Sentiero del Viandante runs to Varenna and from there to Regolo. The path descends through the Valle Masna to Bellano.

After crossing the bridge over the Orrido, continue uphill towards Ombriaco and Lezzeno until you reach Dervio.

From Dervio to Colico Piantedo

Sentiero del Viandante from Dervio to Colico Piantedo on Lake ComoThe tour takes about 6 hours. From the bridge over the Torrent Varrone the path leads you to Castello and from there downhill to Corenno Plinio. Along the lakeside to Mondonico and from there uphill to San Rocco. On the slopes of Monte Legnone we continue to the chapel of San Rocco.

The descent towards the Inganna stream leads past the tower of Fontanedo and on to Piantedo to the sanctuary of the Madonna di Valpozzo.

Allora amici! I hope you like one of these tours. Your boots are made for walking. Let’s go!

Tanti saluti e a presto
Rosa Maria Lamberti